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Sandy Diner is the President and Founder of Invest in Children Foundation. She started the organization in 2000 and her primary goal was to fill a niche in the non-profit sector that wasn’t being met. Sandy felt as though non-profits were doing a good job of providing food, shelter, and stabilization, but were lacking in dealing with the long-term effects of mental and emotional trauma. In order for true healing to take place, Sandy believes it must addressed on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Since 2007, Sandy has been traveling to Africa developing contacts and speaking to groups in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Since 2015, Invest in Children Global has been able to establish current IiCG programs in Turkey and Greece. Sandy has a B.A. in Business Administration.

Workshops & seminars Sandy has attended.


Executive Director

Kimberly (Kimmie) Krauk is Executive Director for Invest in Children Global and has been with them since 2003. She has traveled with IiCG to Russia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Turkey and Greece. Kimberly writes curriculum, directs camps, leads program development and implementation, and oversees all IiCG programs, locally and nationally.  During Invest in Children Global’s international music & art therapy camps, Kimmie teaches guitar, drumming, jam session, mosaics, knitting, soul collage, jewelry making and photography.  As well as her involvement with music and art camps, Kimmie, along with other IiCG team members, teaches workshops about post traumatic stress (PTSD), the brain, and why music and the arts are so instrumental in the healing process. These workshops are for community members, NGOs, and other child advocates. Kimberly has a B.A. in Education.

Workshops and seminars Kimberly has attended.


Athens, Greece

Christos Fousianis acts as Invest in Children Global's Greek liaison and psychologist.  He has a Masters of School Psychology from Ε.Κ.Π.Α - National and Kapodistrian University Of Athens and has been working professionally in Athens. Christos has worked as a psychologist for Praksis, The Smile of the Child and is currently serving as a school psychologist for  Christos has been instrumental in helping IiCG define the needs of the refugee population that we are currently working with and has helped refine our curriculum to make it more relevant to the culture.  He has also translated Invest in Children Global's curricula from English into Greek, and has served as a translator and a teacher for many of our programs in Athens.  


Kristoff Kohlhagen is an upper school social sciences teacher at Flint Hill School in Virginia. Collaborating with Invest in Children since 2008, Kristoff has taught classes, presented findings, and assisted with IiCG curriculum and trainings in Ethiopia, Greece, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Having earned his masters degree in International Economics and Conflict Management from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Kristoff worked for Search for Common Ground in Burundi and Rwanda, spearheading projects focused on the local efforts of young peacebuilders. He also served as the Africa Programs manager for Kidsave, running and developing their Ebola epidemic response program in Sierra Leone and Washington, D.C.


Mary Sales is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 1999. She specializes in trauma related disorders. Mary has experience in both public and private sectors including clinical hospital work, program design and implementation, staff supervision and training and program management. She served in leadership roles on the Boards of the South Florida Science Museum and Planetarium and Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies Coalition of Florida. Mary has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is a certified Family Mediator, and is a certified Florida Continuing Education Provider. Mary has served on the board of Invest in Children since the year 2000.


Terry Roberts teaches psychology at Valencia Community College and previously worked as the Keep Kids Drug Free Prevention Center Coordinator in Orlando, Florida for 10 years. Terry has served on the board of Invest in Children since the year 2000. He is also a musician and creative writer. He has been working with kids for many years and has created one of our favorite fiction heros: “Zero”. Terry has an MS in Counseling Psychology and a BA in Psychology.

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